June 10, 2023

Slimming: I tested Fitflop shoes that refine my legs

To slim down without realizing it ... "How is this possible?" you will tell me. Thanks to new models of special high tech shoes welfare, put on a pair of sneakers, tennis, flip flops becomes a gesture thinness.

The Fitflop brand is one of these innovative companies. For the 3rd season, here is a collection of shoes from sport Special beautiful legs that do not look like orthopedic shoes!

I tried a pair of FF Supertone. In early spring, this model is perfect, with jeans, and my little feet are comfortably installed. The sole of these models is firming, toning, its higher density helps strengthen the muscles, and I feel it from my first steps! I'm hopping and I feel my calves are working: perfect to keep the form and the forms.

The part of the heel absorbs up to 22% more shocks (a treat for my back). The fineness of the tip of the shoe allows to keep pace and walking pace, and the middle part creates instability of the foot that forces the ankle and calf to be well shaping.

And more models are pretty: leather or suede, these sneakers now exist in many colors: red, blue, beige, or even bronze, white, silver, black, coffee ...

FF Supertone Sweden, from 36 to 42: 109,95?

FF Supertone Leather, from 36 to 42, 119,95?

All information on www.fitflop.fr

HSN | Shoe Lover's Closet 11.20.2018 - 02 AM (June 2023)