June 13, 2024

Slimming: I tested the care Techni SPA at Guinot

Two hours of care thinness two to three sessions a week for at least one month. On paper, it's quite tempting to take the time to do good. But in fact, difficult to find as much free time and not to leave everything in the bank. Indeed, if the manual care is very powerful to overcome our curves, they are unfortunately very voracious in working time. On the contrary, machines thinness, guided by a beautician, allow the same performance but in record time. At Guinot, the formula is called Techni SPA, double effect thinness ». Double, because it allows in the same gesture to achieve two palpate-rolling, which no other machine nor the human hands are able to do.


After a thorough interview, during which the beautician questions us about our lifestyle (physical activity and diet), the latter offers us a personalized care protocol. From there, we work the problem area, at a pace that suits our schedule and adapts to the mass to lose. This treatment is ideal for all those whose curves are located in one place or that make a complex.
The machine releases negative ions. To harmonize the current, a handful of positive ions is held in the hand. After applying a gel thinness specific, the beautician passes the machine on the area to work, horizontally then vertically, putting a slight pressure. The rollers suck the skin to achieve the skin fold necessary for the technique of double palpate-rolling. The skin blushes, a sign that the blood and lymphatic circulation is reactivated and that the fats are dislodged.
Sensation ? Contrary to what one might think, the machine works without causing pain during the massage. It's even rather relaxing. Under the effect of the electric vibration of the rollers, the discharges are felt only in the form of slight tingling. Those who have already worn special belts flat belly "Slendertone type, will find the same impression. Nothing really disturbing then. Especially when you have the satisfaction of feeling lighter from the first session. We can indeed observe a loss of up to 1.5cm waist and 0.6 cm at the thighs).

Between each session, Guinot advises to adopt a light diet, to exercise and to religiously apply the cream thinness Chrono Logic, associated with the care-cabin. After the period of cure, the ideal is also to continue to make care punctually, to maintain the effects durably.
Techni SPA double effect treatment thinness 59 euros for 45 minutes of treatment (6 to 12 sessions on average).
Concentrated cream thinness Chrono Logic, Guinot, 45 euros the 125 ml.

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