January 26, 2021

Slimming menus: light recipes

Choose your menu slimming with light recipes, respectful of your taste buds and your line.

Slimming menus: light recipes

Entry 1
Cucumber and apple wheat salad

A few starchy foods guarantee a solid start to the meal. In this case, no need to make efforts to be reasonable and not to throw yourself on bread. Diversity is the basis of good nutrition, forget about rice, potatoes and pasta for a while ... and try wheat.

Treat your line with our light recipe
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Slimming menus: light recipes

Entry 2
Cold tomato-celery soup spring rolls with crab and shrimp

Combine taste and lightness. Vegetable soups are guaranteed to contain vitamins and fiber sources that facilitate interstitial transit and contribute to digestive balance. Soup = friend of your line!

Heal your health with our light recipe
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Slimming menus: light recipes

Dish 1
Small lemon octopus cretan

Let's continue menu slimming in the iodized flavors. These small octopuses of this light recipe are not only delicious, but they will help you prepare for your next vacation in swimsuit. What a pleasure, under these conditions, to be greedy!

Adjust your line for beaches ... de Crête
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Slimming menus: light recipes

Flat 2
Pork fillet with orange and onions

Do you know that onion lowers blood sugar levels and activates fat removal? It fights cellulite and flushes water, eliminates toxins and purifies the body.

Enjoy this light recipe
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Slimming menus: light recipes

Dessert 1
Strawberry rhubarb crumble

Spring is here. Finally, we will find happiness to eat delicious sweet strawberries.

A light recipe not to feel guilty. guilt
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menus slimming: light recipes

Dessert 2
Apple and caramel minute tart

Fast, easy and light ... what else can you ask for this light apple and caramel tart recipe? To share between greedy friends without feeling guilty!

A light and fast recipe
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It's up to you to play and enjoy with your menu slimming, there is inevitably a light recipe that will fill you.

Enjoy your meal !

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