August 14, 2022

Slimming special: new diets

Hyperprotéïné or hypocaloric, the diets diversify to please the greatest number and help us get rid of our unsightly areas. The goal ? Losing the most easily while avoiding the frustration. In this lightweight weight quest, everyone tries to find the diet the most adapted to his personality and especially to his eating habits. Today, draconian menus are over, causing stress and irritability! The methods of weight loss have diversified and each rely on specific biological laws.
The hormonal diet for example is based on your way of eliminating fat. The diet according to his blood type him, proposes menus adapted to your group to feel better. other diets like the one based onr aromatherapy you avoid cravings and cravings for sugars. The chrononutrition it favors the assimilation of food at certain times of the day while micronutrition, as its not indicated, ensures the proper contribution of micronutrients to keep a healthy body. Which method thinness Would you like it the most? A short presentation of these five new diets that change our habits.

The hormonal regime

Based on an endocrinology study, the diet Hormonal is based on the following principle: Each person assimilates fats differently. And yes everyone does not store the same way a pastry or a steak for example! And remember, hormonal problems often cause an imbalance in weight. Many women, for example, get fat before their period. In this dietwe find typical profiles each corresponding to a morphology. Once your profile is determined, a nutritional program is proposed to rebalance the hormones in your body. This diet proposes to take the problem of overweight at the source and rethink its food hygiene.

His asset: A diet which shows us that our diet can rebalance our body and that teaches us how to cook food well in order to keep all their virtues.

The diet according to his blood type

Each blood group would need a different menu. Did you know ? Indeed, depending on the composition of our blood, we would need various foods to stay slim and prevent certain diseases. James Adamo, American naturopath, invented this diet by analyzing the reactions of different people subjected to the same diet. After deducing that the same food had different effects on the body from one blood group to another, he created 4 types of food programs. Some people therefore need more cereals and less red meat, for example.

Its asset: Used in the long term, this diet would avoid developing diseases that would be specific to each group and it would slow down even the aging process.

The aromatherapy diet

Essential oils alone do not represent a method of diet. On the other hand, they effectively accompany a balanced diet and a physical effort, essential in the desire for weight loss. Indeed, some oils have the power to dissolve fats, others to stimulate the lymphatic and venous circulation (anti-cellulite!), To eliminate toxins, to regulate the appetite or to find a flat belly. For that, it is enough to use them wisely, in cutaneous application or in oral solution. Within the diet in aromatherapy, for example, two drops of carrot essential oils are recommended on a loaf of bread before the evening meal for its depurative and hepatocytic action (which cleans the liver) to improve the digestion and assimilation of fat.

Its asset: a simple method that gives a boost to the body and cleans our toxins, often responsible for our cravings and weight gain.

The chrononutritive diet

The chrononutrition principle is to respect the natural rhythms of the body by eating the right foods at the best times of the day. Indeed, during a day, the body secretes substances such as enzymes or hormones that help us assimilate food. These substances vary in quantity in our body according to the hours. Eating a food at the most convenient time would then reduce fat storage.We opt for "fatty" foods in the morning, we choose for example proteins and starchy foods at noon, we do not forget the snack based on fruit and dark chocolate and we eat vegetables and lean fish at night. The diet Chronutrient specifies what is good to eat for each hour and meal of the day.

Its advantage: it avoids frustrations because you can eat everything and respect the body's biological clock, which avoids the tiredness often caused by diets drastic.

The micronutrient diet

Micronutrition ensures that your body does not lack anything, especially micronutrients! Want to snack or sugar? Abdominal weight gain or yoyo? Everyone has his small weaknesses and his catch of kilos in certain zones. The diet micronutrition takes care of you on a case by case basis. It looks for micronutrients that are lacking according to your habits and food cravings and offers to fill up your menu. To summarize, it regulates your body intelligently. Your plate will then fill your gaps! We will also look into whether you have a sedentary life, if you eat too much sugar ... In this case, vitamins, trace elements and minerals will come to your rescue!

Its strength: it helps you to change your "emotional" pattern facing the food, seeking the source of your energy needs.


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