October 22, 2021

Slimming testimonial: the real tricks of thin

Zohra, 32, commercial
"I never finish my plate I always leave a small part because I do not have a big appetite When I was little, I was always forced to finish my plate when I was no longer hungry. I forced myself.
By becoming an adult, I was finally able to eat as I wanted. I naturally ate less and it is true that my curves of teenager have disappeared. Today, I'm thin without effort and I feel very good about myself. "
The opinion of the expert: Zohra listens to her body and does not eat too large amounts that would be stored by her body turning into fat. She spends all the calories she consumes: that's why she does not get fat.


Lionelle, 35, teacher
"I'm greedy so I'm careful, I like cheese and rich dishes like gratin Dauphinois or cassoulet ... I do not eat it every day but when it does, I always eat more light the next day, removing sugars and starches all day, but I eat a lot more fruits and vegetables that day, it's a friend who gave me this tip and it works! "
The opinion of the expert: Lionelle rebalances her diet as soon as she overindulges. Conclusion: her balance remains stable and she does not take a gram. Warning: this rebalancing system does not work if you accumulate excess day after day. We must really act the next day. It is a question of a balanced diet and it is fragile.


Florence, 28, press secretary
"As soon as I see that my scale is one or two kilograms higher, I have a" yoghurt day. "It's a day where I only eat yogurt from morning till night, nothing else. 'I usually get my weight back the next day.'
The opinion of the expert: this trick may work in the short term but it is dangerous for the long-term health because the body can not be content with a single category of food, even if it's only one day a week or all 2 weeks.
Calcium and yogurt proteins are not enough to nourish it. This is the best way to develop deficiencies and create cravings for sweet or salty food. A tip not to apply especially so ...


Aminata, 40, Marketing Director
"I only eat fish and white meats, I hate red meat, I never eat it, I do not drink a lot of water but a lot of teas and herbal teas, the fries I hate about that and all that is fat in general is nauseating, so I do not really eat products that are bathed in butter or oil.
But I like rice, potatoes and I eat regularly. I also enjoy myself with a good dessert from time to time. "
The opinion of the expert: Aminata has a diet low in fat, with all the necessary nutrients, and it eliminates toxins well with its many herbal teas. In fact, she eats balanced, that's why she does not get fat!

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