February 29, 2024

Slimming: the metabolic IG diet, the guide to manage your weight and your health

What is the GI diet?

Blood sugar is the blood sugar level. IG for Glycemic Index is the way to measure the high blood sugar content of absorbed carbohydrates. The GI diet is the method to monitor and manage these glucose levels.

This diet is effective for people suffering from hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes ... A set of manifestations of a bad metabolism. This condition, called metabolic syndrome, affects approximately 23.5% of men and 17.9% of women in France. This syndrome is often due to a diet that is not adapted to our needs, to a lack of physical activity, to a state of prolonged stress or to smoking. Here's how to stop hurting our body and find a flat belly !

The IG method, diet and health

The nutritional endocrinologist Pierre Nys proposes to protect our metabolism as well as possible by simple daily reflexes. Watching our weight and our silhouette is a concern for everyone. Dr. Nys explains to you according to your "weight history" why you gained weight, and obviously we all know that if we move our body, the risk of metabolic syndrome and overweight is decreased.

But for the lazy or overbooked, Dr. Nys gives us a simple shopping list: what fruits and vegetables, which meats, what sauces can we allow ... This book also lists the 35 key foods for a Stable and healthy metabolic IG.

Practical advice, gourmet recipes, the GI diet is not frustrating and we can always crack for sweet treats, also listed!

Tips to avoid traditional peanuts at a starter, chewing gum and apple cuts hunger, wellness recipes TV specials ... Everything is there to find health, balance and thinness. No way to be wrong!