April 1, 2020

Slimming tip: movements to refine her thighs

It is always possible to refine the line of her thighs by firming and stretching them. Just spend a few minutes of gym a day or every other day on our thighs, then practice some movements in the office and of course to walk!

How to firm the muscles of the thighs
At home, sitting on the floor, feet flat, legs bent, hands on the outer side of the knees. Squeeze your arms to stop your knees, keep your back well stretched. Repeat at least 8 times keeping the contraction at least 6 seconds.
Lying on the side, one leg on the floor in extension of the body, the other leg in right angle with the leg on the ground. Lift the leg 10 times regularly keeping the back of one hand to avoid arching.
For more efficiency, wear ankle bracelets weighing 500g or 1kg.

How to stretch the muscles of the thighs
Standing, legs apart, one is bent (knee in the alignment of the toes to the outside), the other is stretched. The bust leaning forward, hands on the ground, stretch the leg stretched by bringing the basin closer to the ground, as much as possible without forcing.
Standing, back straight, legs straight. With both hands, lift one foot back toward the buttock, keeping your knees tight. Exhale while pulling and hold for 10 to 15 seconds. Look straight ahead to keep your balance, then pull your foot back, away from the buttocks, keeping your bust straight. Repeat each exercise 3 to 4 times on each side.

Firming your thighs daily
On the road to work, park your car before your destination to have time to walk. By metro, tram or bus, get off one or two stations before you have time to walk. Walk briskly, keeping straight and contracting abs and glutes.
If you are alone, place yourself with your back straight up against a wall and slowly go down to the sitting position on an invisible chair. Hold for about 1 minute, stand up and start again at the next break.
Our advice
The bike rides or rollerblades are beneficial for the thighs, while being pleasant moments of sharing, with two or with friends. To stretch the thighs, stretching offers very effective movements. After a few days, your thighs are better shapely and firmer, ideal for the skirts and slims of the season!

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