June 10, 2023

Slimming tips to eat less sweet

For a long time, the distinction was made between so-called "slow" sugars and so-called "fast" sugars. The former referred to the carbohydrates contained in cereals and the second to sugars which give foods a sweet taste.

This notion is now obsolete, because we prefer to talk about glycemic index: some fruits have a low glycemic index while some cereals, such as overcooked pasta for example, have a high glycemic power. To eat less sweet, it is especially important to eliminate refined sugars that are, moreover, often present in foods of low nutritional interest.

The risks generated when one eats too sweet are essentially diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and ... caries!

Eat whole grains: The carbohydrates in bread, rice and brown pasta are good for your health. Potatoes (baked, not fried!) Have a low glycemic index and are necessary for a good balanced diet. These complex carbohydrates are necessary for every meal and avoid cravings for sweet nibbles between meals.

Lower your consumption treats to eat less sweet: sweets, sweet desserts such as flans and cakes, pastries, chocolate ... It's not a question of never eating sweet, but to reduce this pleasure to once or twice a week.

Increase your fruit rations. You need to eat five to ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day for fiber and vitamins. Fruits, even if they have a sweet taste, bring a lot of benefits. Make your compotes yourself without adding sugar, munch raw fruits in snacks or for dessert, make vitaminized fruit cocktails ... So many ways to make you feel good by satisfying your cravings for sweet taste.

Avoid sodas and sugary drinks, even called "light". These drinks hinder the proper functioning of digestion and contain a lot of fast sugars.
Our advice
Encourage your children to eat less sweet, because it is essentially during childhood and adolescence that good eating habits should be adopted.

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