December 1, 2021

Slow food, what is it?

Slow food is an international movement created in Italy in 1989 by Carlo Petrini, a journalist and culinary critic. Faced with the explosion of the number of fast food and the advent of junk food, many citizens decide to unite to set up an association. His name ? "Slow food".

The association is fighting against the standardization of tastes conveyed by food chains but also by the food industry. And defends the values ​​of a healthy, diversified and respectful diet for both the consumer and the producer.

An international movement
Take the time to eat, prepare yourself a meal, with locally grown products ... This is how we could summarize the principles of slow food. More than an association, it is above all a way of life, to consume differently in everyday life.
Gradually, the association spreads to other countries like Switzerland, Germany, Japan, the United States, and becomes international. In 2003, the movement arrives in France.

What does the association defend?
Slow food works for food biodiversity and the preservation of the gastronomic wealth of different regions of the world. She defends the principles of local food and quality products.

The association makes the consumer aware of the pleasure of the table and invites him to eat slowly and healthily, as opposed to fast-food.

What are his actions?
The movement created Terra Madre, a network that brings together players in the agri-food sector defending the values ​​of biodiversity and taste.
The association participates in fairs and exhibitions to promote quality products but also to allow consumers and producers to meet. It supports alternative distribution channels. And organizes events like the Salon du goût.
Today, the association has around 100,000 members worldwide.

What is the Slow Food Movement? (December 2021)