August 16, 2022

Small holiday ills: the pharmacy case

Now that you know how to cure the sores of the holidays, do not forget to pack the aid kit ! Here are the essentials:

- sterile compresses
- an antiseptic product (spray), to clean the abrasions
- plaster and bandage
- a thermometer
- aspirin or paracetamol
- 60 ° alcohol
- arnica (in ointment or homeopathic granules), for bruises and bumps
- a repellent product and an itching cream
- antihistamines, for the allergic
- tweezers
- Biafine
- tulle gras, for nasty burns
- aqueous eosin, for small cuts
- an anti-nausea medicine, for the car and the hot blow
- an anti-diarrhea
- very high protection sunscreen
- and glasses, because the eyes are fragile too!

Innovation in Healthcare, with Dr. Rasu Shrestha, Chief Innovation Officer, UPMC (CXOTalk #285) (August 2022)