June 5, 2020

Snails, roquefort, foie gras: these specialties that foreigners envy us (or not)

The team event of the last episode of Masterchef was, for the candidates, the opportunity to cook typical French products to discover to foreign tourists. On the menu of this buffet of 500 bites, so there was black pudding, snails, foie gras, frogs' legs, calissons, Camembert, prunes, roquefort, figs and nougat. A gastronomic program anchored in the purest French tradition whose foreigners are fond ... or not.

Foie gras, a delicacy
At the top of this tradition, there is obviously the foie gras. Americans love it, especially for the prestige of this delicacy. Tasted mainly during the holidays, the foie gras can be eaten on bread or gingerbread, but can also be cooked in a pan or melted to accompany a meat. In Masterchef, the red team led by Elisabeth chose to cook the foie gras in toasts with mango chutney. The foie gras marries perfectly with fruity and sweet accompaniments for sweet and salty tones in the mouth.

Cheese and vegetables 
Impossible to talk about French gastronomy without mentioning the cheese. In Masterchef, the blue and red teams had to cook the Camembert and Roquefort, two cheese unavoidable and do not necessarily dream tourists. Too strong in the mouth, the smell a little too fragrant, many foreigners who prefer not to exceed these apriori. Yet, the cheese can be an ingredient of choice for many recipes. The French consumes it in fact before or as a dessert with fresh bread, but the Roquefort, the Camembert and most of the others cheese can be used in the composition of various and varied dishes. In Masterchef, one of the two teams chooses to work Roquefort in small meringues, also scented with currants.

Frogs, snails, etc.

But what could well put tourists off in French gastronomy is all that the French dare to eat without the foreigners having imagined the edible properties of these ingredients. Ask an Englishman what he thinks about it, he will gently deck the French with the nickname "froggies" because they deign to eat frogs. Frog legs are a French specialty that is widespread today. They are most commonly eaten perfumed with simply marbled butter. As for the snails, whose glutinous aspect can disgust more than one, they are the delight of lovers who like to taste them with parsley butter as well, served most often as starter.

In addition to these ingredients cooked by the two teams of Masterchef in the second episode of the show, confit or duck breast, oysters, beef bourguignon, cassoulet, andouille or bouillabaisse are for example part of the specialties of French gastronomy and until proven otherwise they have always found greedy amateurs. That should reassure, and why not try, foreigners still a little reluctant ...

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