July 3, 2020

Sodomy without taboo

Laurène, 36 years old
"The first time I tried, I was not really enthusiastic, but I had my period and we wanted to make love to my boyfriend so much that we opted for this solution. 'a moment not unpleasant, but no more.A few years later, I met someone without any taboo, for whom the sodomy was part of a fulfilling sexuality. Gradually, I ended up taking more and more pleasure and I confess that now, I can not do without it. It puts a chill in the relationship and the sensations are really more than pleasant. I feel it is an act that enhances intimacy, you really have to trust and love yourself to accept the sodomy which, in my experience, is most often requested by men. "

Jean-Christophe, 33 years old 
"They say the sodomy that it corresponds to a manifestation of the desire for power of man over woman. This is certainly true in part. What man has never dreamed of seeing his partner satisfy his every desire, to become a slave whose only mission would be to bring him ecstasy in a very selfish way?
As far as I'm concerned, I especially see the variation of pleasure that this practice provides. It's a different pleasure from vaginal penetration, just like blowjob. And then, the anus is also what seems most accessible when the woman takes the pose adapted to a practice very popular with males: doggy style!
But I would not see myself imposing this practice on my partner if she did not consent or accept it only to enable me to satisfy my need for power! My excitement is intimately linked to the pleasure it takes. That the arsenal of practices contains the sodomy or not, it does not seem important to me. Nothing beats the quality of the groaning and the look that is brought to you during love! "

François, 32 years old
" The sodomy is a sexual practice that I enjoy, because I find it exciting, stimulating, sensual, mesmerizing. This does not mean that I practice it in every love report. Especially since it must be a shared desire, otherwise for me there is no pleasure. The physical sensation is intense and it comes like a coronation. Indeed, before arriving at this "position", it is necessary to put in condition the body of the other, to prepare the ground if I dare to say. It gives me a sense of transgressing the forbidden and that's also exciting. Everything is linked to exchange: the exchange of look, and pleasure. And then it's like everything, when it's done well, it's nice. "

Marine, 42 years old
"The first time I practiced sodomy my feelings were mixed, I was afraid of the pain. The second time is at his request and it was more fun but not great so far.
A few years later with another partner who appreciated this act, I experienced real feelings, it had nothing to do with the first times. I started again regularly with this man, but without ever forcing myself. Sometimes I really wanted to try this sexual practice, others did not. And if I felt that it was not going to be nice, we stopped.
I suggested it to my current companion. I did not tell him verbally but I just guided him and showed that I wanted to. He was surprised but not shocked. He was happy with the confidence I gave him by offering to sodomize me.
You really have to be good together, I'll never do it with a lover who's passing.
This is not a practice that I want to every report, perhaps in a report more "sex" if we can say. "

Frédérique, 31 years old
A few years ago, one of my friends had told me that she had tried and enjoyed a lot. I did not have to miss this and suggested I do it at least once. What I did, but it did not please me at all, unlike my friend at the time, yes. It's strange but I felt that I was totally submissive to my partner and yet the idea came from me. With my husband we approached the subject but neither of us feel the desire. "

Paul, 36 years old
"It's an act that has never tried me, I can not say exactly why, the person I've been living with for a long time has never told me about it, and I do not think it's going to connect it. is no less fulfilled without this practice. "

Elise, 29 years old
"I do not even plan to try one day, as much as I love to make love, as much as this act disgusts me, I judge him almost on the verge of perversion, I hope that no man will ever ask me to to sodomize me. "

Medieval representations of sodomy - Dr Robert Mills (UCL) (July 2020)