October 27, 2021

Sofia Coppola signs a chic collection for Louis Vuitton

Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton... it's a love story that lasts! To wonder if the director will not one day abandon the world of the cinema for that of fashion. For the 2008 summer campaign Louis Vuitton, Sofia Coppola takes the break next to his dad Francis Ford Coppola under the lens of the photographer Annie Leibovitz. It's back less than a year later with a collection for the great French luxury brand! She signs a collection of chic and very feminine handbags.
The models of handbags signed Sofia Coppola are in the image of the director, simple, elegant, discreet and charming. Sofia Coppola explains: "I believe that all women dream of designing the perfect handbag and shoes. I had an idea of ​​what I was looking for but I could not make it happen...." 

It's done ! Sofia Coppola explains the style choices she made: "For handbags to wear during the day, I wanted classic colors that combine with everything and that we would not tire, avoiding the black"It reveals us immediately his heart strokes of the collection."I particularly like the navy leather day bag and the gray suede bag, as well as the black and gold suede pouch and the matching shoes.".
Side shoes, Sofia Coppola created her collection with a very particular thought for all Parisians! "These women who walk all day on incredibly high heels".

We can discover the whole collection in the shops or on the website of Louis Vuitton from March 9th. To give you an idea, there will be a suede or leather bag at 2800, the Monogram canvas bag at 1600? and his pocket at 800? and the evening wallet at 900?

The site of Louis Vuitton : louisvuitton.com

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