April 19, 2024

Sofia Vergara blonde: she finds her natural color

Wow. What a metamorphosis! The actress Sofia Vergara, known for his role in the American TV series "Modern Family", has just unveiled a photo of his new hair, on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. And the least we can say is that it changes. On the cliché, the beautiful Colombian is even unrecognizable. And for good reason, Sofia Vergara swapped her long brown hair for ... a golden blonde mane. A radical hair transformation, which suits him perfectly, and which would give him almost a teenager side. Remember, however, that she is now 40 years old. Thus capped, however, Sofia Vergara seems to be much younger.

One question remains: why did the actress suddenly give up her brown hair, which fed the stereotype of the sulphurous Latin bomb, for blond? It seems that the beauty just wanted a little sun in her hair. The photo posted on his Twitter account was indeed accompanied by the following mention "blonde ambition! Thanks to the incredible Kelly Klain.I am ready for the summer."

Did you know ?
Sofia Vergara is not a real brunette but ... a blonde. By changing coloring for the summer, the actress has recovered its natural color. Information unveiled on the set of the famous host Ellen Degeneres, last year.

Sofia Vergara Reveals Her Real Hair Color! (April 2024)