January 31, 2023

Solar indices

You are in front of the radius of sunscreen ? Perfect. Look at the tubes and know how to decipher the inscriptions.

The protection index is mentioned under the acronym IP or SPF or FPS. It can display a number from 8 to 90. The higher it is, the more it protects.

Calculation of the protection index is obtained in the laboratory by tests under artificial radius. This is the ratio of the time it takes for a skin to succumb to sunburn without protection and protection. This way of calculating being international, you can buy your Solar cream abroad by relying on the same criteria.

Less than 9, the index indicates protection too weak for all cases. Never buy it.
Matt skins can opt for a protection index of 9 to 14 if the sun is low. For particularly strong sunshine, do not take less than one index 25.

The light skins, more fragile, must choose an index at least equal to 25, even by moderate sunshine. If the sun is strong, choose the index 40.

From 30 to 90, the protection index evolves little. A cream of index 50 does not have a much stronger protection than a cream with index 30.

The skin of your child being a capital that must be protected, prefer an index of at least 25 in all circumstances.

Our advice
It is important to renew the application of cream every two hours. After a bath of sea water or pool, even if the cream is waterproof, dry the skin of your child and coat it with cream because the water destroys the filters of the cream and the drops of water act as a magnifying glass on the skin.

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