June 13, 2024


Somatotherapy (soma, which means "body") is a method created by psychiatrist Richard Meyer. Inspired by the different currents of modern psychology and traditional techniques of touch, it aims to encourage personal and relationship development and well-being.

According to somatotherapy, throughout our life, our body accumulates blockages of different natures : psychic, physical, physiological, mental ...
So every pushback of emotion will register in the body in the form of tension.
Body-centered therapy frees us from blockages to improve our daily lives.

Somatotherapy proposes a set of psychocorporal techniques which consists in calling on the memory of the cells. It starts from the premise that every disorder is recorded in our body memory, and cellular since our birth.
Awakening this body memory will free the subject of his tensions and put him in direct relationship with the emotions related to these blockages.

The goal of therapy is to untie these blockages. This is to facilitate the flow of energy in the body to improve the relationship with oneself, relieve past injuries, current and psychic traumas.

The therapy uses touch, breathing, postures and creativity to remove blockages of the body, so that it regains its original balance, thanks to a better distribution and circulation of energies.

How to Pronounce Somatotherapy (June 2024)