November 25, 2020

Sonia Rolland, bobo chic in Zadig & Voltaire at L.A

Sonia Rolland is accompanied during a trip to Los Angeles by her friend Aria Crescendo, singer and yoga teacher at Star Ac). The beautiful brunette put on the mark Zadig & Voltaire so as not to go unnoticed on this sunny day. She has all the cards in hand to make jealous all Americans who cross her path. Nonchalantly tousled hair and biker boots are enough for the beautiful French to transform her look. Accustomed to a dress style usually wise and elegant, Sonia Rolland emancipates with this new style very Parisian.
His python print t-shirt Zadig & Voltaire is in the trend of the moment, this animal print is unavoidable on many accessories and on key pieces like our tops. The former Miss France accompanies her python t-shirt with a slim jeans black very simple so as to leave the star in this star print. Sonia Rolland polishes his look with a jacket tuxedo sky blue and black signed Zadig & Voltaire. This fashion piece dresses its look with a touch of incomparable elegance. The French brand has the sense of chic detail that can embellish all looks without much to do.
We are definitely a fan of the bobo chic look of Sonia Rolland  !

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