January 24, 2021

Sophia Bush and her summer wavy in Los Angeles

A California surfer? A siren straight out of the water? No, this is actually the actress Sophia Bush. Invited to the Do Something Awards ceremony, held this Wednesday in Los Angeles, Brooke's interpreter in the "Les Frères Scott" series, tanned and honey-haired, seemed to have just returned from vacation some water. The actress had indeed opted for a summer beauty look to perfection, with a hair wavy, strewn with sunny locks, as if she had spent long hours in the sun. This hairstyle however, has an air of déjà-vu. Remember, in the last season of the Scott Brothers, Sophia wore an identical mane, with a wavy (certainly less accentuated), and locks of hair honey, who came framing her face. Only difference here: the length of hair. Anyway, we approve totally, and even we love. This color and this hairstyle seem made for them. And these locks of hair clear bring a touch of light to Sophia's face. Face already illuminated with a little pink blush on the cheeks, and a good-looking powder effect. And that's not all.

Sophia Bush had also surrounded his green eyes with a thick black kohl, placed flush with the upper lashes and inside the eye. She had completed the whole with a glittery eyeshadow, applied in the inner corner of the eye, and in a very fine line, flush with the lower lashes. To wake up the glow of his emerald eyes. Her mouth, meanwhile, had remained nude. A very good choice on the part of the actress, who had already focused on his eyes, with a very strong eye makeup.

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