March 1, 2021

Sophie Marceau, radiant at the Cabourg Festival

32 years later The party, Sophie Marceau remains a true character of French cinema, a remarkable woman whose aura does not fade with time. On the contrary. For the closing of the Cabourg Festival, the heroine ofHappiness Never Comes Alone perfectly embodied romanticism! A pinch of the lower lip and Sophie Marceau capsizes his audience in the intrigues of an enticing bluette ...

His look: Farewell banana buns and brushings sophisticated, the hairstyle of Sophie Marceau tends towards the natural. Bouffant bangs, crepe lengths ... The French actress proves that chic can go through the (delicately) neglected, and not only at 15 and a half!

No more blow to the make-up: there is a nude makeup trend, the mouth just hemmed a lipstick golden brown, the look highlighted on the eyeliner. Long live simplicity!

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