October 25, 2021


This discipline aims to dominate the painful sensations and psychic discomfort by relaxation techniques close to hypnosis. Priority number one: to de-stress on D-day. Because many future moms lose their pedals at the time of giving birth.
Charlotte Saragaglia, sophrologist explains: "We help women to plan the future event to calm anxiety, and by limiting anxiety, we limit the tension during delivery, so the pain."
During these exercises of relaxation, one borders the sleep without ever passing on the other side of the barrier: the body is ankylosé but the spirit works. In this so-called "sophronisation" state, the woman is able to imagine her delivery. Anticipate to control, such could be the maxim of the relaxation therapy.
This preparation can start in the second trimester and the courses are spread over a dozen sessions.

Our opinion : 
The relaxation therapy more and more followers because it provides relaxation and immediate well-being.
By taking charge, the woman appropriates her childbirth and makes it a less "medical" and more intense moment, overcoming suffering.
Sessions are not reimbursed by social security unless they are insured by a doctor or midwife.

Sophrology - An Introduction (October 2021)