May 20, 2024

SOS allergies: 5 dishes without dairy products and without gluten

Chocolate fondant.
Nothing easier to keep this little pleasure. You have to be careful chocolate pastry shop that you will buy because some contain traces of lactose. You melt it as usual in a bain-marie but with a little milk rice or coconut oil. Add your egg yolks, a little almond puree for the taste, honey to sweeten and 2 tablespoons of rice flour. Then, you put your whites into snow that you incorporate delicately and it is ready for a small oven stay of about 15 minutes.
The potato gratin
Revisited without milk of cow, the gratin dauphinois will be more than light! You follow your recipe gratin as usual, only the milk changed into milk rice ! A little salt, pepper and nutmeg and your gratin is divine and terribly dietary and aerial.
Smoothies without dairy products
For smoothies, it's easy! The milk and soy yogurts will be your best assets! Their smooth side will make your smoothies small delights to enjoy this summer without moderation. But preferably choose strong fruits like banana and strawberry that go well with soy.
Waffles that kill everything without gluten and dairy products!
Tonight you're in charge of the waffle party! Take flour without gluten already prepared, an egg, sugar, milk coconut, a bag of yeast without gluten, and a vanilla pod and your waffles will be second to none. As a garnish: a delicious fruit coulis and a small whipped cream with coconut cream.
The pizza version without without
A pizza without gluten and without a ton of Gruyere and mozzarella? Does it seem tasteless and tasteless? But no but no. The dough will be made from rice flour and a special rising powder without gluten. This will not prevent it from being crispy at will. As a garnish: tomato coulis or fresh tomatoes peeled and seeded, ham, mushrooms and a block of smoked tofu for the cheese. But if you tolerate the goat that contains less lactose than the milk cow, put it everywhere.

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