February 22, 2020

SOS allergy: live without gluten, the choice of home made

Who said there was only the corn in life ? Rice flour, maize, buckwheat, chickpea, chestnut or quinoa will be your best friends in the fight without gluten. And with them, potato starch and cornflour. Otherwise, there are even blends ready with guar gum to thicken and make more elastic.
Gluten-free pies, quiches and co
To make a good dough à pie broken with rice flour, it is quickly realized that the natural binder of gluten we are lacking. But in the kitchen, we do not lack resources. It is sufficient to reduce the proportion of rice flour and replace it with potato starch and corn starch. Vote dough will take a little elasticity, but as a precaution, prepare it directly on parchment paper, it will avoid dangerous handling to arrange it in the mold. All that's missing is the garnish and you're done! To you pies, quiches and other succulent dishes.
Delicious gluten-free cakes
Side cakes, a farandole of desserts without gluten is available to you: financial almond powder and rice flour complete, banana cake inflated to block with yeast without gluten or even delicious chocolate fondant-caramel with cornflour. To add flavor to your cakes and muffins, add some chestnut flour or almond or hazelnut powder. The fabulous world of pancakes and pancakes does not close either, just replace the flour of corn by the flour mixture without gluten and you can enjoy your pancakes in the morning or afternoon tea with maple syrup like everyone else.
For more gluten-free gourmet recipes, visit the website of blogger Natacha: macuisinesansgluten.fr

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