July 3, 2020

SOS beauty: what to do against brown spots?

Dermatologists may warn us of the dangers of the sun, harmful to the skin, many of us do not resist the call of our best friend Helios. However, it is the return of the holidays that trouble begins: besides the appearance of many wrinkles, especially crow's feet, you may have seen the multiplication of brown spots. Sign of an early aging of the skin, our ugly spots alter the skin texture.

What to do against brown spots?
The best way to fight against brown spots is to prevent them! In particular by choosing a sun protection adapted to your skin type, and renewing every 30 minutes the application of sunscreen, and even more after the bath. Contrary to popular belief, brunettes are not exempt from this little problem. Brown or blonde, sunscreen is o-bli-ga-toire!

What to do when brown spots are there?
Several solutions are available to you. Solution # 1, the least abrasive: the application of specific care at home

Solution N ° 2: the peeling, made at home via kits peeling or at a dermatologist who after a skin test, will perform the type of peeling adapted to your needs.
Attention: after this type of care that comes "burn" and thus weaken the surface of the skin, any exposure to the sun is prohibited.

Solution # 3: The Fraxel Laser, which comes to repair the damage of acne, rosacea and brown spots on the skin. If this laser is not painful and does not cause crusts on the surface of the skin, it nevertheless requires a cessation of activity for 3-4 days. The intervention, lasting 20 minutes for a facial treatment, is preceded by the application of an anesthetic cream and followed by the application of a post treatment hyper-hydrating cream to accelerate the regeneration process. skin.
Good to know : it's the favorite technique of stars like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz who have used and abused the sun ...

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