April 20, 2024

SOS first wrinkles! What to do against crow's feet and the lion's ride?

From the wrinkle to the wrinkle
The repeated contraction of the same muscles of the face leads to a tension in the lines that gently but surely creates micro-grooves. Until the twenties, nothing is visible because the cells regenerate regularly. But from the age of 25, it's another story ... Cell renewal is slowing down, the skin is less smooth and fine lines appear. These are still miniature wrinkles but they prepare the ground for nasty wrinkles. By delaying the formation of fine lines, you can therefore delay the first wrinkles.

Good everyday gestures
To make sure your skin does not age too quickly, make sure you remove all makeup and make scrubs once a week. Detoxified skin is a skin that breathes and stays young longer.

In addition to this good skin hygiene, apply morning and evening, a cream that will reboost your cells.

Lierac-Initiatic. Price: 39?
Code Youth Light-L'Oréal Dermo-Expertise. Price: 14.90?
Isofill-cream focus rides-Uriage (released March 2012). Price: 32?

The most exposed areas of the face and the care to remedy it

Some parts of the face are more exposed than others to wrinkles because these parts of the face are simply particularly stressed by our small facial muscles. The areas concerned are: the eye area, the area between the eyebrows and all around the lips
To be effective, apply targeted care on these areas in addition to your anti-aging day cream.

-On the forehead, between the eyebrows, to prevent the "lion's ride":

- Around the eyes: this area of ​​the face is very exposed because the skin is very fragile. This is indeed a very poor area in sebaceous glands. However, the secretion of sebum is necessary for a good elasticity of the epidermis.

Supreme-Progressive Smooth Filler Anti-Wrinkle-Carita. Price: 70?
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Eluage-Eye Contour-Avène. Price: 25.75?
Isofill-Care focus wrinkles eyes- Uriage (released March 2012). Price: 25,50?

-Over the lips and around the mouth, wrinkles are quite common because of the multiple muscle contractions of this part of the face.
Clarins-Anti-wrinkle lip balm and contour. Price: 39?

Our anti-aging care favorite in institute
To delay the appearance of the first wrinkles, make a plumping treatment institute, once a month, is a real plus. "The ancestral golden ceremony for the face" of the Sultane de Saba is really a very good care to regenerate your skin. We tested and loved!
After deep makeup removal with argan milk, the skin is exfoliated with an exfoliation of precious stones and pearls. Once the skin is rinsed, we apply a floral elixir. The face is then massaged for 15 minutes with a honey with gold nacres and caviar extracts. This honey has beneficial properties to fight against sagging skin. The skin is then rinsed and you are then applied an elixir of orange blossoms to tone.
Come the moment of the installation of the gold particle mask that gives a real boost to the skin (exposure time: 15 minutes). Hot towels are then applied to the face for a delicate massage. This anti-aging treatment ends with the application of a precious serum to the tiny gold particles known for their repairing effects. To refine everything, we finish with the application of a plumping day cream. Result: the skin is smoothed, radiant!
Duration of the treatment: 1h15. Price: 79 euros.


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