October 5, 2022

SOS! I am invited to a wedding: the right accessories

? We customize! Dip in a bath of emerald green dye, carmine, purple and a slightly faded summer beigasse dress and sew around the neck and armholes a border of another color, seed beads, rhinestones, feathers ... Make work your imagination!


? We leave a little bling bling : You only have your eternal little black dress to go out on the day? Never mind ! Brighten it with a big jewel belt, a gigantic colorful flower brooch, a gold plastron necklace ...


? Bags & shoes : you can buy a basic evening bag to which you will add according to the day's attire a fancy brooch, a big satin ribbon that you will fix with a safety pin, a chain in big links to give it a sewing side ... Invest in a nice pair of comfortable shoes that you can wear. Choose them in a neutral and united tone but make them more funky with shoe clips: vichy knots, leather flowers ... You can also use ear clips! Everything is transformed according to your desires!

Our favorite: //prettypinktoes.co.uk/clips.aspx This British site delivers worldwide and offers an incredible selection of clips!


? A hat or nothing! This year, crack your eyes closed for a straw hat, Panama type. Not only will it protect you from the sun throughout the summer, on the beach as in the city, but it will quickly become your best ally to cross this season. weddings. It naturally gives style and naturally metamorphoses to never be quite the same. It is enough to change the ribbon by another of a different color or to surround it with a pretty scarf with polka dots, an embrace of curtain, a garland of ivy ...
Our favorite: straw hat La Redoute 19,90? www.laredoute.fr

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