June 23, 2024

SOS: I have the brand of my sunglasses. What to do?

It is sometimes enough to have an extended lunch on the terrace or a tanning session during which we dozed off to end up with marks of Sun tanning which we would do well. We knew more glamor ... Do not panic, the situation is not totally hopeless.
At first, you can perform a scrub on the entire face as close as possible to the outline of the eye. If the mark is still too visible, choose the option "self-tanning". We just put a mini-nut on the finger, where the skin is lighter, then we stretch the product as much as possible with a paint brush for all over the brand. Finally, you fade the product by tapping lightly with your finger covered with a soft tissue.



Too risky for you? We can also blur brands with makeup. Two options are possible. In both cases, we begin by applying a concealer by widening the area over the entire eyeglass brand, then we apply its face powder usual (or a darker shade if you have already started to tan). Most women do not pose their face powder all over the face, but only on small areas. By placing it here on the whole surface, the complexion is even. Then, we can choose to highlight the mouth with a bright color (type Aqua Red No. 16) so as to divert the eye from the critical area. For the day, this is by far the best option.


Or, on the contrary, one can choose to hide the whiteness of the eyes with an intense make-up, like a smoky, that one will work on the whole width of the eyelid. This is the ideal option in the evening, especially if you plan to go out.
As a last resort, if the brand of glasses is really present on the skin, you can use a camouflage cream (like Full Cover). Makeup professionals use this very covering material to hide pimples, scars, depigmentations or even tattoos. Very thick, it should be used sparingly so as not to create a difference in complexion with the rest of the face. We mix it with her face powder and we come to work the marked area with precision. If one is wrinkled, one avoids as much as possible the underside of the eye that the texture risks to mark too much. All that remains is to deposit a very light veil of mattifying powder and apply makeup as desired.


Thanks to Laetitia Van WOUWE, Head of the Make Up For Ever boutique of the Francs-Bourgeois.

Survival Optics Sunglasses (SOS) - The Evolution review (June 2024)