January 31, 2023

SOS I have tired eyes! Our anti-wrinkle and anti-fatigue remedy

This special care for the eye contour is our favorite of the day: we tested it and we loved it! This innovation face anti wrinkle and anti slack is signed Darphin. The brand has just launched a very small tube for an immense well-being: smoothing gel refreshing eyes!

This face care anti-aging consists of a dual performance plant complex to act on both the protection and the youth of your eyes. The French walnut extract and caffeine from Colombia act simultaneously to give you a tonic look!

Regenerating, smoothing, softening, this new treatment Darphin makes us feel good while making us look young. Walnut, an anti-aging concentrate, is known to resist time ... This is why walnut extract regenerates the fragile skin of the eye contour by defacing elastin fibers and stimulating cell production.

We love the light and fresh texture of this gel, which gently wakes up our tired eyes the day before! A little happiness for our eyes ...

Our advice: Place the gel on the inner corner of the lower eyelid, penetrate the product by stretching it outwards then tap with the pulp of the fingers. Then you can apply your moisturizer.

Darphin, gel smoothing eyes refreshing: 29 euros 15ml

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