December 10, 2023

SOS star beauty: Rose McGowan and her failed cosmetic surgery

Number of stars use the plastic surgery to keep their youth a little longer. Many swear by the botox as well. But often, it shows, and at we prefer a nice laughing goose rather than a frozen face of any expression.

We do not judge women who use this kind of "tricks" anti wrinkle, but we deplore the irrecoverable failures, as today on the poor Rose McGowan !

The (ex) beautiful brunette actress of the girly series Charmed with Alyssa Milano and ex wife of Marilyn Manson, with alabaster skin and hair of jays, is simply unrecognizable!

His injections of botox or at least any intervention of plastic surgery was missed in beauty! What a shame to see her cheekbones and lips swollen, this deformed nose, this plating front ... It looks like she went under a truck. The actress did not need it.

And you what do you think ?

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