August 16, 2022

SOS star beauty: The Toya Jackson or the art of too much

The singer and elder sister of the lateMichael Jackson is 54 years old, although she is keen to hide it behind plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty at the Jackson is "2 paid transactions, one offered" ... In short let us focus on the style "beauty" of the star. Where to start ?

Make-up "stolen car": apply a generous layer of foundation to your botox face, then cover with loose powder and blush on raised cheekbones (apparently the neck was not included in the batch of the surgeon).

For the eyes, spread a palette of turquoise blue eyeshadow on the eyelid, add a golden eye shadow on the upper eyelid, underline the underside of the eye with a thick line of kohl turquoise and voila! And above all, do not forget the false eyelashes, the unstoppable asset for doe eyes (that's true ...).

For the lips, it's the same: one draws a line by exceeding well the contour of the lips, with the help of a pink candy pencil. And to make lips even wider and luscious, apply a tube of lipstick of the same color, and finish with a good layer of gloss.

Hair style, let your hair grow and dye yourself a few locks in golden blonde, just to look like a tired teen.

Janet Jackson - When I Think Of You (Official Music Video) (August 2022)