August 14, 2022

SOS star beauty: Winona Ryder pays tribute to Tim Burton!

Winona Ryder has surely confused the Gotham Film Awards in New Yoek with Gotham the city of Batman! The actress arrived at the ceremony last night wearing a makeup and a very dark hairstyle but on the edge of burlesque.

The actress wanted to play it gothic by hiding her white skin with translucent powder, highlighted by a make up very dark and mismatched. The brown eye shadow a little too spread, the lipstick pink fuchsia bonus ... not to mention the eyebrow badly shaved, Winona Ryder seems to want to age a few decades with this look!

As to hairstyle, the big curls in a ponytail, it is not a decade but a century or two that takes the actress in the head! the brunette played in Edward Silver Hands certainly but the goth fashion of the nineteenth century is indeed over ... since the nineteenth century.


Jenny (August 2022)