July 12, 2024

Special anti wrinkles: mesotherapy at home

It is a question of making penetrate closer to the cells a medical formula saturated with active elements (vitamins, minerals, amino acids ...). Instead of waiting for the skin to absorb it by depositing it on the surface, here we first pass on the skin a roller of pins that create like small holes just on the surface of the skin, in which the solution will slide and so get deeper. Of course, this is very superficial and painless and the mini "wells" go away quickly without leaving any marks. The concept has been developed to be usable by individuals. A highly nutritive solution very close to the formula used by doctors is included in a spray: it is sufficient to spray on the skin and then pass the small roller so that it slides in the temporary channels created by the passage of the pins.
At its contact, the cells are stimulated and especially resume their normal functioning, watered with beneficial elements: it is the quality of the whole skin which is better. The epidermis is like refilled, plumped, smoothed. To advise all who have a dull complexion, tired skin and marked features.
Mesotherapist box (roller and NCTF® sterile), Filorga, 99? // www.Filorga.com

Mesotherapy Facial | Anti Aging Treatment (July 2024)