June 23, 2024

Special bag: what makes the bag?

Similarly, it was when we saw him on the arm of Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan We started to love the Motorcycle. And that, the brands understood it well, going as far as to realize bags specially "tagged" bags of (for) it-girl: the latest, the Alexa of Mulberry or the BB of Lancel ... Wearing the same bag that miss x, it's not that her bag that I sting him, it's also a bit of his style and his aura. And with him on my arm, I feel the most beautiful ... in all circumstances! You understand the shot?
In short, the stars are the most advantageous storefronts and add a symbolic value to the product brands are eagerly seeking. It is under the guise of this name and this success that we can pay up to 20,000? a Birkin ofHermesin addition to waiting months, wisely put on the waiting list.

The gamble of brands is therefore to bet on the good muse, the good it-girl, the one we all admire, which we copy all the looks, and who we will, for sure, spend half a salary (or more) to be grafted to the arm the same bag.


And the brands do not stop there: besides looking for the good muse, to create a bag in his name, they even go so far as to ask some of these it-girls to draw lines of bags... Let's mention Kate Moss for Longchamp, the latest example.

When it-girls get involved


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