April 19, 2024

Special bag: why invest in an it bag?

Tastes and colors are not discussed, and fortunately. We are free to love such bag and hate this one. We agree.
But there are still constants in the it-bag that I must remember: the first is the symbolic value of bagand the second-the most important-it's still quality.
A 2.55 Chanel because he's a 2.55 of Chanel will always be a safe bet that will fuel our fashion fantasies for a long time.
As for the quality, it is enough to address to the brands which are specialized in the leather goods: with Vuitton, Hermes or E.Goyard, one can be sure with 100% of its purchase. A voucher bag will prefer the leather, the crocodile, the alligator, in short, more suitable subjects to cross the years.


My prescriptions:
Luxury side: a 2.55 Chanel, a Kelly Hermes, a Noah Louis Vuitton, a Peak boo Fendi, a braided basket Bottega Veneta. Celine and Chloe are also sure values.
In more affordable brands, my preferences will go to Vanessa Bruno with her Moon (the bestseller, and rightly so), Jerome Dreyfuss (all models without hesitation), Marc Jacobs (it's not for nothing that he also draws for Vuitton!) or veterans Lancel (an adjani) and Longchamp (the legend of Kate Moss and why not the foldable, perfect for the city, for traveling or on the beach).
Be aware, however, that a good bag is not always a bag "With marks". I found for myself a bag 48h in leather, without claw, in a friperien which I never part. Coup of the operation: 20 ?. I also offered a small bag camel leather found on the market, at 30? : a little wonder, which skates with time. In short, all that to tell you to keep the eye open!
Now that you have the keys to find your it-bag, I'll let you army shopper as it should.
Introduce the visual below "the round of it-bags"
Caption: from top to bottom and from left to right, Lune Vanessa Bruno, Longchamp Legend, Gaston Jerome Dreyfuss, Alexa Mulberry, Midday Midnight Gerard Darel, Hillier Marc Jacobs.

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