December 1, 2021

Special holiday perfumes: the sweet ones

Chocolate flavor

Angel is called Angel perfume, the taste of the perfume of Thierry Mugler (Eau de Parfum, 35 ml: 71 euros). The creator really innovates with this fragance by distilling bitter cocoa.
The nose is literally "deceived" and the taste buds are waking up. It's magical because the perfume evokes chocolate while remaining faithful to the traditional Angel. Breathing it is a delight in itself and you are propelled to the Eve before the hour, without eating the papillottes and calories that go with it. We could almost be satisfied with this gourmet perfume elsewhere (notice to those who are on a diet).

You will take a little fig chutney?

Another miraculous creation of Thierry Mugler : Womanity, the Taste of Perfume, sublimated with fig chutney (Eau de Parfum, 50 ml: 69 euros)It's a real sensory shock in itself. The famous Womanity is a meeting of astonishing flavors where the grains of caviar mingle with those of the fig in the unctuousness of the chutney. This is the ultra-feminine sweet and salty scent.

To finish, let yourself be tempted by salted butter caramel ...

Never two without three, Alien, the Taste of Perfume, sublimated with caramel by Thierry Mugler (Eau de Parfum, 30ml: 57 euros) is just as irresistible as the two perfumes precedents. Again the senses are titillated and, yes, we find Alien but also the crystallized sugar and salt, the famous salted butter caramel actually. All gives a sensual fragrance to perfection. Let's bet your darling will love and want to devour you all raw.

Stetson Cologne Holiday Commercial (December 2021)