April 17, 2024

Sperm donation: why and how?

His baby Volodia was born on December 28, and without a midwife, it is Michel Polnareff himself who helped his wife give birth. This family dream collapses following the revelations of Danyellah, the companion of the singer.


This Wednesday, Michel Polnaref reveals in Gala magazine that the baby who is not of him was born thanks to a gift of sperm. Knowing that the star is not sterile, Polnareff wonders why her partner wants to have a child through this.


The sperm donation: we tell you everything


A donor may deposit his sperm in a specialized center. In France, there are 24 centers called CECOS (center for the study and conservation of eggs of the sperm authorized to receive and store the sperm.


In France, a single man does not have the right to give his sperm. The donation is always the result of the will of a couple with at least one child, and the spouse must give his written consent. The gift is anonymous and free, and the man will never know if a child is born of this gift.

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