November 25, 2020

Sport and pregnancy: pregnant women are no longer afraid to move!

Sport or not sport during the pregnancy ? In the early 1990s, scientific studies focused on the negative effects of physical activity on pregnant women. Health professionals agreed that the physical efforts of the mother-to-be should be kept to a minimum. Since then, recent studies have shown that practicing physical activity during pregnancy has many benefits: limitation of weight gain, reduction of nausea and leg cramps, less risk of insomnia ... Similarly, move allows to reduce lower back pain, pelvic and ligament, but also to prevent gestational diabetes and high blood pressure problems.


If the physical benefits of sport during the pre-natal period are now recognized, it should be known that exercise also plays an important role on the mood and psychological well-being of young women who go have a babybecause it allows among other things to improve the self-esteem and the perception of the body image. We see that women who practice physical activity during their pregnancy are less affected by anxiety and depression afterdelivery.


As a result, many physical activities are available to adapt to the "sporting" desires of pregnant women. Indeed, today more question of staying sedentary, pregnant women want to move, be tonic and comfortable with their new curves, but also aerate and meet other future moms. If the most practiced physical activities remain the aqua gym and the prenatal gym (soft), new trends arrive in the rooms of sport and seduce women who already practiced sports before pregnancy, but also the most novice of them: NIA dance, prenatal yoga, oriental dance or Pilates revisited.
Warning ! It is essential to consult your doctor before starting any physical activity during pregnancy.

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