June 4, 2023

Sport stars: Jennifer Lopez as a true cycling professional

On the occasion of the Malibu triathlon, Jennifer Lopez did not hesitate to release the great artillery to be the most efficient: bicycle helmet, glasses of sport and bike gloves for an authentic cycling outfit! That's good, J-lo seems very comfortable and proud of his Sunday look; we are far from the parades that the diva offers us during the big social evenings!
Do you also dream of playing cycling professionals in your neighborhood? Simply stay simple: plain, printed or colored t-shirt, depending on your mood, soft shorts to be comfortably installed and sneakers well laced! To play it very pro, do not forget the bike gloves not to damage your hands, and sportswear glasses to avoid being dazzled! Finally, the helmet, optional, is recommended for cycling enthusiasts! If everything seems too dull and masculine, choose a colorful top that will show you off!

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Take You Inside Their Intense TruFusion Workout | PeopleTV (June 2023)