June 23, 2024

Sports on the sand

Beach volleyball : two teams, a net, a ball, fun! You have two left hands, so what ?! No need to be a pro to have fun while having fun. Hit the balloon, do not hesitate to throw yourself (not too violently) on the ground to receive it, you are there to win (and to sweat)!

Beach soccer : there will be sport ! Improvised party with friends or game respecting the rules to the letter, which is sure that the ice of last night will be quickly eliminated! Be careful however to bad kicks and falls, a plaster on vacation, it is not very practical ...

The sand yacht or the feeling of freedom. The open spaces, the wind, the sea, your machine at ground level and you. A sport exhilarating and original, which will give you thrills! Attention, helmet, glasses, suit and boots or sneakers are de rigueur.


Off Season Training/Sand Workout (June 2024)