February 22, 2020

Sports stars: Fergie and his Terminator look

It's in the Santa Monica Valley that the singer Fergie, Black Eyed Peas, decided to go jogging with his friends. Far from the glam 'bling-bling look she has on stage, Fergie opts for a more military style: black shorts, printed black t-shirt, black "mask" glasses, Fergie gives us the impression of having metamorphosed into a Terminator! Mp3 hanging on arm and bottle in hand, Fergie seems determined to finish his race!

You want to look like Fergie in full effort? No problem ! Zap the flashy and frilly colors of all kinds, opt for a simple style, even dark. If this sounds too sinister, choose a printed t-shirt to revive your look. We like this serious and determined side of Fergie with his Mp3 scratched on the arm: Fergie so is sure that it will not be destabilized by his Mp3 that will not break the figure every 2 minutes. Finally, to be more efficient, the irreplaceable running sneakers, the "mask" glasses and the ponytail for a real sportive look!

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