September 19, 2020

Spring-summer 2009 trend: the combination

You certainly have dresses in your wardrobe, shorts, jackets, jeans, pants, tunics, tops, ... Now you have to complete this long list with the new summer "it" , the essential of indispensable, the combination. It is adorned with letters of nobility and makes forget the blue work, to become a chic and glamorous clothing.

Thinking combinationyou may see a garment made for tall, thin, slender poles, without any apparent bead. Do not panic. The fashion trend spring-summer 2009 allows everyone to wear his style of combination.

So you can opt for a combination very chic pants, tailoring revisited. A beautiful belt at the waist, and voila, you are at the top of the city chic. For those who like a little more sensual outfits, opt for a combination wide neckline, a beautiful outfit for summer evenings.

And if the combination is chic, she also knows how to be more casual, with as much glamor. In strapless shape, with a belted waist, the combination leave the shoulders bare, for maximum sensuality. It is also available in all materials, from simple cotton, to jeans, to flax. Side color, it is found in all shades, red tomato, sober black, marine print.

And for those who like to show their pretty legs, the combination also comes in a combi-shorts, perfect for days at the beach or to bask in the shade.

We tell you, combis, there is something for everyone. This is the essential of the season, with guaranteed effect!

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