April 19, 2024

Spring-summer trends: glosses and lipsticks

This winter, the eyes have monopolized all the attention to smoky and other degraded effects. Now, place your lips sublimated and brilliant!

Nude is back
But be careful not just any nude. A coral skin color (Nivea), which blends with the complexion, colorful but discreet. The must: components of white and red mother-of-pearl for a luminous orange (Givenchy). Subtility ? The Nude must be colorful but must not be ostentatious. To not miss the effect, here's the trick: accentuate the color beige (Cargo), peach or pink with a pencil outline of the same shade base. It can even slightly exceed the upper lip to give a hemmed effect. We love Shiseido's "nude" pencils that perfectly respect the hues of the seasons. You can also play games of transparency with glossy textures, wet effect (3 D, Bourjois) in top coat.
Shapes and colors
Exit the gloss in traditional stick. This season, textures become frivolous and applications multiply. Handle the line like a pro with palette lipstick. (Ulric of varens). Or on the contrary, the usual hesitant hand, you will love the new ergonomic pointed tip for the commissures of the lips (summer collection of Bourjois). The brush is particularly suitable for lacquered effects (Yves Rocher Nature Colors), and the foam tips allow a long-lasting fixation (Lancôme Fever Lacquer). Color side, you will use and abuse pink: baby-doll version (Hello Kitty at Mac), creamy (Debby) or marshmallow (Clarins) ... you'll play lolita lip service. The most ardent will bet on the lolita punk card that borders the fluo (Lancôme) ... topissime with a tan perfect!
Gluttony in all its forms
With or without good weather, this season will be decidedly greedy, tart and fruity. Without taking a gram, you peck sweet flavors of the lips ... Yum Yum! The most fond, tastes melon or grenadine (Yves St Laurent), delicacies that would make bulimic lipstick. There are also the reds with caramel taste (Urban Decay), or those with chocolate (Too Faced), for dessert or afternoon tea ...
Gluttony delight with the eyes also through the collection Pocket Rocket Group (Urban decay) who undresses men in photo on the cap in a jiffy. You will rest your nose more often than usual ....
All in one
Until recently, you naively believed that a lipstick was used to color the lips. Today, he nourishes in depth (Shiseido), treats brittle lips (Clarins), and gets rich in royal jelly (L'oreal Paris), plumps (Guerlain Guerlinade) ... and he even becomes intelligent. Judge for yourself: a gloss that is colored in contact with the pH of the lips for a natural shade (Clarins Instant Gloss). Clever, no? Go spread the info ... on the lips, of course!

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