June 23, 2024

Stacy Keibler and her glamorous beauty look

Stacy Keibler represents a typical American beauty, a perfect body, a doll face and a white smile ... She can afford many eccentricities in her hair. She always wears a look that oscillates between glamor and sexy. She walked the red carpet on the arm of her beloved Palm Springs Festival and we cracked on his beauty look.

Hairstyle : Stacy Keibler wears a shell on the front of the hair, the back being raised in a bun to subtly reveal his neck. This hairstyle generally gives a rock look that can be easily combined with boots and a leather jacket. The beautiful blonde prefers to play the wise girl by smoothing her hull perfectly to make a ball dressed to the nines that combines well with a long evening dress. Her roots are darker than the lengths of her golden hair. This allows to perfectly frame his face and showcase his makeup.

We copy: a minimum of effort for maximum effect, this hairstyle is rather simple to achieve. Just take large wicks, one after the other, on the top of the head and comb them upside down. So, using a comb we will make knots in our hair. In this way the volume of the hair will increase and the hairstyle will naturally hold up, it is a technique frequently used by many hairdressers to realize hairstyles of evening. We fix it with a lacquer and we take a bristle brush that goes on the surface of our lacquered hair. Finally, we fix the back with two small bars. We can then go up the rest of the hair in a bun or let them fall on the shoulders.

Make-up: Stacy Keibler has a perfectly smooth complexion, giving way to a makeup pronounced at the level of the gaze. Hazel eyes, she opts for a gray eye shadow that will bring out her eyes, the lower part of the eye is highlighted on the outside by a thick line of slightly glittery chocolate pencil. The interior of the eyes is also framed by a line of black pencil and a heavy layer of mascara finalizes the make-up. The lips are highlighted with a nude gloss, leaving the spotlight on the hairstyle.

Stacy Keibler Oscar Hair Tutorial: Quick & Easy Formal Hair Style! (June 2024)