October 25, 2021

Star beauty: do you look like Jennifer Garner

His complexion
To have Jennifer's pretty skin, moisturize her like her, with a day cream before you wear makeup.
Choose one that reduces expression lines, just to look as young as it was, the last thirty years ("Liftactiv Retinol HA" at Vichy or "Galenic's Elixir smoothing new skin Nectalys"). Do not forget to apply, before or after, a specific cream for the eye contour that fades fine lines, dark circles and puffiness ("Anti-aging eye care by acupressure" Sanoflore). You will look as bright as Jen!
Her porcelain complexion, she owes it to a fluid and matifying foundation (Foundation concealer-Couvrance-Avène) and a corrective stick that conceals redness and other small imperfections ("Tinted Corrector Stick" Keracnyl or range Avene Coverage). Not to mention the concealer, which makes fly away all signs of fatigue. Finally add some touches of blush on the cheekbones and you are transformed into a beautiful rosebud, like the beautiful!
Their eyes
A line of pencil, anthracite black preferably, is enough to emphasize all of his eyelashes. Jennifer then plays tone-on-tone with a glittery gray eyeshadow that reminds her of the green-gray color of her eyes. She is careful not to put this makeup on the eyelid to make a makeup day, both refined and discreet. And as her eyes are a little deep, she avoids the dark colors that would shrink them! On the contrary, she applies an ounce of white make-up on the inside corner of the eye that opens her eyes.

The mascara comes, meanwhile, thicken finely eyelashes while bending slightly.
And hop! Here you are with the sweet, intense and sparkling look of this femme fatale who knew how to crack the "so sexy" Ben Affleck!
His mouth
Turn to pink and pearly colors to dress your mouth while delicacy as the actress. Opt, like her, for a gloss with natural hues that will make you a nice luscious mouth (gloss "Glam Shine" L'Oreal)
Her hair
Their chestnut color illuminated with Californian blonde highlights enhances the star's complexion and makes it look good. On the hairstyle side, we stay on the natural register with hair long, undisciplined and airy as the wicks that flutter on his shoulders nicely emphasize.

Note, by the way, that the astute heroine ofAlias has kept a long and thick bangs to make a smaller front!
Finally, under his neglected-chic looks, Jennifer's hair is bright! To achieve the same result, make gentle shampoos and a strengthening mask once a week (mask "Force Vector" - L'Oreal Expert).

Then dry your hair upside down, without brushing them, insisting on the roots to give volume to your hairstyle. If, like Jennifer, you have the hair fine, apply a little "special volume" styling mousse on your hair before drying ("Kérastase Resistance Volumactive" foam).
Finish with a cloud of light lacquer for finishing and shine (lacquer for hair purposes of Jacques Dessange).

Jennifer Garner Gets Candid About Beauty, Her Lifestyle & More | Beautiful Issue | PeopleTV (October 2021)