April 20, 2024

Star beauty: do you look like Madonna!

His complexion
Objective 1: hide the lines and wrinkles that appear on the face. For a doll-style make-up, do like the star and opt for a smoothing foundation, to apply on your anti-aging cream. Often enriched with silicone, these foundations can erase the first signs of age in the blink of an eye! To erase all signs of fatigue and say goodbye to puffiness or dark circles, apply some concealer under the outer corner of the eye and pat it outward. Then, put a little loose powder on your entire face with a puff. Choose a light shade and emphasize the T-zone (chin-nose-forehead) to matify the complexion. Finish with a hint of pink blush on the top of the cheekbones. You have a perfect complexion!
Their eyes
A sophisticated look yes, but a classic make-up. Here is the secret of the star for a timeless style and go anywhere! To look like it, nothing more simple: start by slightly coloring your eyelids with a neutral make-up (beige for example). Then apply a large line of eyeliner flush with the upper lashes. Beware of burrs! To avoid slippage, move from the inside corner of the eye to the outer corner. Do not hesitate to help by putting your elbow on the table if you do not quite help. Then you just have to apply some mascara. 2 thin layers at the top and the same at the bottom: perfect to enlarge the look and lengthen the eyelashes!

His mouth
Here again, no need to do too much: the singer loves the natural ... So opt without hesitation for the minimalist version of make-up lips! A little transparent gloss for the "sexy-wet" effect? and basta. Sometimes, just enough to make the effect. Be careful however to chapped lips during the winter. Not very sexy under a layer of transparent gloss ... For a luscious mouth, do not hesitate to perform a light exfoliation of the lips and use and abuse nourishing sticks.
Her hair
With her blond baby, Madonna has understood everything ... Exit the problems of white hair and long live the sweetness ... Thanks to its color, it is simply 10 years of won! Imagine Madonna shade in brown: it's a safe bet that it would look much more severe ... and much younger! Of course, to soften his face, Madonna also put on his hairstyle. A real look of little girl wise! Sharp line in the middle, big curls and hair just cut at the shoulders. The perfect balance. To create the same style, nothing is easier. Lay special styling mousse-curls in your hair and dry them gently. Separate the hair at the top of the skull and then work each big lock with the curling iron. Finish with a light mist of hairspray, to fix the hair without freezing your hairstyle.

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