April 20, 2024

Star beauty: do you look like Rihanna!

His complexion
With her very fair complexion and pretty skin, Rihanna does not need fireworks to display a pretty face. A hint of foundation stretched all over the face and neck (to avoid demarcations), some touches of concealer to hide small buttons and other traces of fatigue and basta! Out of the question for the pretty half-breed to do too much. For a mine as golden as that of the singer, you can of course put on your face small touches of earth of sun. Stretch the powder up the temples to lift the cheekbones and carve your face. You shine!
Their eyes
To showcase her pretty green eyes, Rihanna does not hesitate to play with color. To display the same look of embers, nothing easier: close the eyelids and brush with a blush Klein blue cream. Start from inside the eye to the outside, drawing a comma to complete your path. Of course, depending on the color of your eyes or that of your hair, you can completely change the color. With this look, all the follies are allowed ... Orange, blue, green, turquoise: have fun!
Then draw a light kohl (black or purple) on the inside of the lower lashes to give depth. Finally finish with 2 thin layers of black mascara to enlarge your eyes and bring out the color of your makeup. Real cat eyes, right?

His mouth
Rihanna knows perfectly highlight her pretty mouth and luscious lips. For this, she first uses a lip pencil to hem the outline of her lips. On your side, choose a shade slightly darker than the complexion of your skin to bring out the shape of your mouth. Inside, it's the opposite: choose a tinted gloss lighter than your lips and fill the inside of your mouth. Perfect to bring light and glue the look ... Guaranteed effect!
Her hair
Short hair but a hairstyle devilishly feminine ... Everything is in the volume! Despite its cut to the boy, the star knows indeed showcase her pretty face ... femme fatale way. Short on the sides, a little longer on the top of the head: an ideal cut to try the banana bun Rihanna way ... For that, do not begin to crimp your long locks of hair before to style them gently on one side of your face. Gently wrap the crepe wick inward to form a banana bun. Prick with invisible pliers and lacquer the set to ensure a good hold to your hairstyle. You can finish by adding a small colored bar, matching your eyeshadow. The 100% Rihanna look, the personal touch and more!

Rihanna's Epic 10-Minute Guide to Going Out Makeup | Beauty Secrets | Vogue (April 2024)