April 20, 2024

Star beauty: I want sparkling makeup from Gemma Arterton

James Bond, Clash of the Titans, Prince of Persia and lately Tamara Drewe, Gemma Arterton is everywhere ! She seduced the audience with her fiery gaze and cajoling smile. One of the new fatal beauties of the cinema on which it is now necessary to count.

A peach complexion

For a dyed fresh and radiant like the beautiful Gemma Arterton, start by taking care of your skin every day. This means skin cleansing every day respecting the nature of your skin (dry, mixed or oily), scrub once a week, and mask, always according to your nature of skin, moisturizing or scrubbing for example. Do not forget of course the facials with a moisturizer to apply morning and evening.

Your makeup will be even more successful if your skin is clean and well hydrated. D-day, the day you want to have an air of Gemma Arterton, then continue with a background of dyed fluid to unify your dyed. Put some pink blush on the cheeks to reproduce this doll effect. Your lethal weapon will be the illuminator for subtle light touches that will enhance your face. A few touches will be welcome at the top of the cheekbones, around the lips, along the nose and around the eyes. This little sublime in no time the contours of your face.

A velvet look

Side look, Gemma Arterton opted for a certain simplicity. His eyebrows are well defined to open his eyes. Its nude eyeshadow is only used to unify the eyelid. Add a touch of illuminator below the eyebrow to bring a little light and enlarge the look. Gemma then put everything on the mascara and the length of the eyelashes. Be sweaty in mascara for a volume effect lengthening glamor. For eyelashes too short, do not hesitate to play the card false eyelashes or eyelash extensions.

A luscious mouth

For the mouth, Gemma Arterton like simplicity. A little of lipstick pink to give color, and gloss to intensify the sparkling and glowy side of her makeup. You are ready to be bubbly!

Salma Hayek Shimmering at the Golden Globe 2013 (April 2024)