June 9, 2023

Star chignon: how to redo that of Aishwarya Rai in Cannes?

Like every day, the DA Dessange Marc Penfornis gives us the keys to a look hairstyle done by his team of pros. Here's how to redo the banana bun double of the beautiful Aishwarya Rai yourself!

1. Separate the hair in three.

2. Isolate the top of the head and separate the rest of the hair from the top of the skull to the back of the neck.



3. Take the top of the head and lightly crimp the hair.

4. Brush them backwards and secure them to the top of the head with flat pins.

5. Continue by creping one side of the hair with part of the hair from the back of the head and brushing backwards.

6. The whole hair is wrapped and tied with pins.

7. Leave strands on top of the head of the first banana. Same thing on the other side.

8. Replace the top wicks in a fuzzy way with a hairspray.

The result is spectacular!

Sonam Kapoor - My Look Was Inspired By Rekha At Cannes Film Festival 2013 (June 2023)