June 25, 2022

Star coaches: what more do they have than others?

Jean-Pierre Clemenceau, for example, is one of those coaches that the stars are snapping up. Jane Birkin, Zazie, Alice Taglioni, Juliette Binoche, Lou Doillon, Edward Bear, Laetitia Casta, to name a few. Why this success?
The coaches of stars base their method on finally simple principles: motivation, regularity, mutual trust, food hygiene, listening to oneself and one's body, liberation of the spirit and exceeding one's limits , to always go a little further.
Basically, the advice and work sessions imagined by the star coaches are used to "stay beautiful / beautiful and zen". Stars often suffer from the stress of their job and their popularity. Often judged by critics, assaulted by their fans, pursued by the paparazzi and juggling between their professional and personal lives, they must keep their physical and mental fitness to cope and excel in their art. Hence the importance they give to their coach. The key to their success lies in their methods, but also in the links that are woven between the personality and his companion. Guide, confidant, sometimes friend: proximity works miracles!

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