June 10, 2023

Star hair: Katherine Heigl is blonde again as we like!

Hair color question, we were really starting to worry. You will tell me "but what is your info, Katherine Heigl became blonde again two months ago! "If you tell me about the canary yellow with which we saw these denriers time, I say no!

I'm talking about this new fading, trend right now: the polar blond! In addition to the beauty has chosen a hairstyle also trendy this season: the bun dancer, like Blake Lively, Eva Longoria, even Beyoncé is put ...

In short, this new colo is certainly a little clear compared to his blond ash Gray's Anatomybut we have the impression that we found our little Kat of the time. The actress would she also decided to make this blond rock'n roll its favorite color now?

And what do you think of this hairstyle ? According to you, Katherine heigl is she sexier in brunette or blonde?

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Blondes Vs Brunettes (June 2023)