October 21, 2020

Star Style: they all wear the leather skirt

If I tell you leatheryou think olé-ole lingerie and naughty accessories. Pssst! Stop the received ideas, the leather is not reserved for private parties prohibited to - 18 years. Leather dresses, leather leggings, but also skirt in leather, the leather will be wearing this winter day and night.
Seen during the last autumn-winter 2010 fashion shows at Chloé, Céline or Balmain, the leather embodies a certain idea of ​​luxury and femininity.

At the stars too, the skirt in leather wins a huge success. Preppy style for Olivia Palermo (the autumn girl to follow urgently), red carpet way for Mila Kunis, or urban for Alexa Chung who dares the mixture of material with a big sweater Isabel Marant.le leather warm our dressings.

Dr. Mode's advice, how to wear leather?
Command N ° 1: I forget the duet: skirt in leather and fishnet stockings ... definitively connoted
Command N ° 2: same punishment for the duet skirt in leather + waders, no need to clarify, is not it.
Command # 3: Break the styles, like Alexa Chung which mixes materials and styles. We say yes to the skirt in leather, worn with spartan heels, or ballerinas and a large knit sweater (very trendy this winter)

Command N ° 4: we play executive woman as Wilehlmina Slater in Ugly Betty. In the office, we can afford the skirt in leather with a lapel collar shirt and a little weed jacket. So chic, So Parisienne!
Command N ° 5: which color to choose? A skirt in leather being a small investment, bet on a no-fault, with a skirt in leather, black, straight cut, timeless. For fashion models, let yourself be tempted by the camel (seen at Maje and Sandro for example).
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5 Ways to Wear a Leather Skirt (October 2020)